Overzero - welcome to my town overzero


the end

micro poems, modern idiom

god is a symbol
the building waved
my own death
want's needs
zen song
walking a fine lawn
a modern condition
welcome to my town
the missing point
hole in the ground
the sculptor
the war
new black
the future's bright
give me my horns


Welcome to my town
It's a wet land, not a dry town
It's a "see you later" put down
It's an all-day drive-in drive-around.
Come round to my town
It's got everything you want now
It's a grown-on grown-up playground
It's an all-day drive-in drive-around.

Welcome, the camera's on
To follow you as you go home
And check on everything you own
It's good to know you're not alone.
Welcome to my abode
With information overload
The police are watching every road
Yeah they've got cameras too you know.

Welcome to the neon signs
The going nowhere double lines
The traffic as it slowly grinds
The never getting out on time.
With motorways on every side
Running through and passing by
Even motorways up in the sky
And motorways for God on high.

Come into a town so bright
With longer days and endless nights
Think you're such a pretty sight
Being seen and being right.
Welcome to a town so fair
A place where you can taste the air
Just live behind a vacant stare
And make believe you're getting there.

Welcome to my town...
Got to stay awake now...
Welcome to my town...
Straighten up, shake down.


In a town full of studios
It ain't what you do, it's who you know
Not who you are, but what you show
That gets you where you want to go.
Following the media whores
Following the loud applause
Onward through those sliding doors
Onward to another cause.

Be part of the vanity
The ecstacy, the tragedy
All the things you want to be
Are all for you, but not for free.
Come let everybody take
All the money you can make
Trying to relieve an ache
You're the sucker, your mistake.

Seeing life through deadened eyes
Trying to be civillised
It'll come as no surprise
When someday you realise
Yesterday was born too late
Tommorow said it couldn't wait
There'll be no-one left to hate
Standing at the pearly gates.

So welcome to the common place
The filthy look, the dirty face
With half a mind below the waist
A tribute to the human race.
Look at all those little boys
Turning into bigger boys
Turning on their bigger noise
Playing with their bigger toys.

Welcome to my town...
Coupé sans toupé...
Welcome to my town...
Nothing on top.