Overzero - a modern condition overzero


the end

micro poems, modern idiom

god is a symbol
the building waved
my own death
want's needs
zen song
walking a fine lawn
a modern condition
welcome to my town
the missing point
hole in the ground
the sculptor
the war
new black
the future's bright
give me my horns


Depression, depression,
With or without associated anxiety symptoms
Recommended in the adults and elderly.
Hypersensitivity to nursing mothers
And other allergic reactions is no response.
When an alternative cannot be identified
Any patient should be discontinued.
It should also be in any patient
Who develops reports and mood shifts
Toward manic phase of treatment.


As a suicide attempt is inherent
Withdrawal reactions have been reported.
Serious, sometimes fatal reactions
Have been reported shortly after starting.
Administration can lead to increase
In undesirable effects.
May cause weight loss which may be
Undesirable in underweight patients.
Pregnancy should be avoided
Unless there is no safer alternative.