Overzero - the sculptor overzero


the end

micro poems, modern idiom

god is a symbol
the building waved
my own death
want's needs
zen song
walking a fine lawn
a modern condition
welcome to my town
the missing point
hole in the ground
the sculptor
the war
new black
the future's bright
give me my horns


The sculptor walked into the studio
one morning and heard four students
discussing the differences between
subjectivity and objectivity.
He took a large stone from the store,
placed it on the floor in front of them
and asked, "Where would you consider
that stone to be, inside your mind
or outside?"


One of the students replied, "Since it is
impossible to experience anything without
having an opinion about it, objectivity is
an illusion. Therefore its existence is
subjective. To have any reality it can
only exist in my mind."
The sculptor picked up the stone and
tapped him lightly on the head with it.
"Now where is it?"