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the end

the unconscious collective

voice of the people
speed of light
tidal wave
the hysterical machine
age of narcissus
the perfect mirror
PC society
new colours
roads to freedom


I went to Canary Wharf once intent on taking photographs as suitable reference
material for a forthcoming series of images I planned to produce.

Because I wanted reasonably good quality photographs I was using a fairly bulky
35mm SLR, unconcerned that this might draw attention to my presence.

I took my time familiarizing myself with my surroundings and assessing the visual
possibilities before firing the shutter and committing anything to film.

The place was mostly populated by smart men and women tapping on their laptops or
talking on mobile phones. Any one of them could also have been taking photographs.

By the third frame I became aware of an imposing uniformed woman standing
impolitely close and determined, or so it seemed, to be included in my next shot.

"You can't take photographs here", she barked.
"Why not?" I enquired.