President Obama's inaugural speech, overzero, beyond nothing - day of hope overzero



sale away
big bang
tail lights
moving constellations
nothing so fashionable
pleasant children
please constable
what, no tea?
day of hope

day of hope
There were tears in peoples' eyes as they watched the President's speech.
Everyone had waited so long for the moment when a change of heart would
seem like a real possibility. The clouds dispersed to let sunlight fill a cold
crisp January day. The time had come.

We watched the whole speech on a large screen, streamed from the web.
The sound occasionally cut out or the picture froze so they often seemed
out of sync, but that didn't matter. It didn't spoil the effect. The tone of
voice still had the same resonance, the same fatherly concern, the
same imploring reconciliatory quality to it. And with it the head
still reasoned and appeased as it swayed from left to right to
left. Though we might have missed some of the finer
details, nothing of the moment was lost.

If nothing else, it gave us a day of hope.