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with thanks:-
With thanks to the late Peter Williams.

When he asked me to help him put a selection of poems and photographs together
as a series of postcards, he awakened an interest in the expressive possibilities
of combining image and word in such a way that they can amount to
more than the sum of the parts.


Marc Meiwirdz, Lena Waebak, Shirley Knott, Lascivia Svetlik, Dennis Van Outing,
Condo Lisa, Electric Bill, Jacque Hughes, Therin Liza Tail, Fred Niche, Cat Spedding,
Ernest Phlanx, Miss A. Martin, Lyndsey Doyle, Softan Flufi, Al Kyeda, Tripi Headrush,
Remedial Jarvis and his charming Chinese assistant Mel Ping, Erroneous Bosh, Major Faultlines,
Dawn Redwood, Mike Stand, Honour Mission, Joy Struck, Low Grade, Umin Anarin,
General Fatigue (retired), Malcolm Tent and Min Dors.

"That which does not kill us makes us cautious."

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